Case Study 1

Situation: Grade 7 elite athlete required support managing a rigorous training schedule with a competitive academic workload, as well as SSAT prep.

Solution:  Used the student’s coursework to build core critical thinking and time management skills to succeed in high-pressure athletic and academic environments. Worked closely with the student for three years, developing growth mindset and resilience to maximize achievement and weather disappointments without compromising personal well-being.

Outcome: student thrived in middle school, academically, athletically and socially, and gained entrance to first choice high school.

Case Study 2

Situation: Grade 9 IB student required support with essay writing and study skills. Student had strong dislike for writing and low levels of self-efficacy.

Solution: Personalized learning program to improve the student’s confidence and capacity, with a focus on systematizing assignment completion and internalizing the fundamentals of the English language. Worked closely together for four years, adjusting our achievement strategy to match the student’s growth.

Outcome: improved grades in all subjects, including an ‘A’ on the Extended Essay and an overall IB score of 40/45.  

Case Study 3

Situation: High school English Language Learner (ELL) recently moved from China to Canada, required academic support, cultural transition mentorship and help preparing for the SSAT.

Solution: Holistic learning strategy that integrated reading comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary expansion and test taking strategies with immersion in Canadian cultural norms and expectations. Particular emphasis on developing the student's cognitive academic language proficiency (CALP).

Outcome: Improved grades and test scores; increased levels of self-efficacy and positivity towards his new home and school.

Case Study 4

Situation: Grade 11 student required academic support to improve his critical thinking, research and writing skills. The student’s goals were to achieve high A’s on all coursework and prepare for the intensified academics of university. Also required admissions support to gain entrance to his first choice university.

Solution: Personalized learning strategy over the student’s final two years of high school, with an emphasis on the systematic process of assignment completion and adherence to rigorous academic standards required for entrance to, and high achievement in, competitive postsecondary programs.  Fundamental to improved writing was an in-depth review of the building blocks of our language (diction, syntax, punctuation) and how their interactions produce strong writing.

Outcome: Student received high A’s and offers of admission to his first choice universities, including competitive niche programs. Continued academic support and mentorship throughout the student’s first year of university to ensure a seamless transition.