Case Study 1

Situation: First year university student, who had earned A’s throughout high school, received B’s and C’s on initial post-secondary assignments. Required skill-building and mindset support to internalize higher levels of self-efficacy in a meaningful, sustainable way.

Solution: Worked closely with the student to establish best practices and processes for academic success in all subjects. Emphasis on systematic, transferable steps for time management, reading comprehension, research and writing.

Outcome: Student began earning A’s and high B’s and, over the course of four years working together, became a confident, capable learner now successfully pursuing post-graduate education.

Case Study 2

Situation: Mature student returning to university lacked confidence in academic writing and ability to achieve high marks on term paper and final exam.

Solution: Intensive essay support from receipt of guidelines to submission of final product; exam preparation for multiple choice and essay questions, revisiting the fundamentals, applying best practices in timed settings, identifying strengths and reflecting on opportunities for improvement.

Outcome: Student earned A's on both term paper and final exam, regained confidence in her ability to succeed academically.

Case Study 3

Situation: Medical Science student taking a social science course as an elective, had the goal of earning A’s on three written assignments for this course to keep pace with high marks in other courses.

Solution: Tackled coursework through a mix of face-to-face sessions and online editing, with a focus on planning the completion of each assignment, developing a clear outline, defining arguments and identifying supporting evidence, self-assessing the quality of his work and editing efficiently. 

Outcome: Student earned A+ on each assignment and gained confidence as an autonomous thinker and writer for coursework outside his comfort zone.