“A truly gifted instructor.” 

Kelsey is a gifted instructor with keen insight into developing excellent speaking and writing skills. I’m a native Turkish speaker, and contracted Kelsey in January 2015 to help strengthen my English-language communication skills. Based on my goals and interests, Kelsey designed a custom training course that exceeded my expectations. The initial curriculum was 30 hours, but we continued working together for almost two years; our sessions were always engaging, challenging and fun, and I continue to gain confidence in my speaking and writing. Kelsey is also thoughtful, responsive and extremely passionate about what she does; I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking customized support to improve their language or communication skills.

— O.G.


Where or how does one begin to say thank you for all that you have accomplished with our son this academic year. It has been an absolute pleasure as a parent to observe what you both achieved in note taking, strategizing for exams, and essay writing. Your professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and dedication were beyond spectacular. You kept our son on track, gave him the tools he required and with everything he was able to find his strengths and weaknesses during the entire process. Our son has grown in confidence, knowledge and most importantly enjoyed the time you spent together. We look forward to many more successes! Thank you Kelsey…

— M.S.

Kelsey is AMAZING! By far the best tutor I've ever had. I'm a third year university student now, but I've been working with her since 1st year to keep my grades up and sharpen my reading, writing and analytic skills. Kelsey is professional, positive and always supportive of my goals. She's also really flexible when it comes to working around my schedule and is almost always responsive to even last minute requests for help. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to better their academic experience.

— M.T.

“Everything we wanted and more.”

10/10, would recommend. Kelsey was referred to me by a client of mine, and I found her work to be exceptional. I'm a small business owner, not a student, and her expertise easily translated. She is really friendly and professional. I consider myself a good writer, but I was so impressed by Kelsey's approach to writing and communications that I ended up having her work her magic on all my correspondence. I thought was good before, but now it's REALLY good. I call on Kelsey whenever I need help, and she always delivers. I am sure your experience with her will be as great as mine. Thanks Kelsey!!

— T.R.

“Don't even hesitate - Kelsey is it.”

Kelsey is an amazing tutor! I would recommend her to any student who has a hard time writing essays, assignments or even just with time management and better study skills. She is very punctual and very easy to understand. She teaches you techniques on how to make school life easier and less stressful. She has helped me so much with my English and Anthropology papers. With you her help and your own effort an A-, A+ is very easy to get!

— E.U.

I originally hired Kelsey to help my 16 year old prepare for the ACTs. She was so obviously fantastic in her support of him that I quickly extended the job profile to include helping him navigate the application and audition process for music programs at several American and Canadian universities. Kelsey was incredibly organized in her approach to ACT prep and the complicated application process at the various schools. For ACT prep, she very capably tutored him in all the strategic requirements involved in scoring well on the exam. He hit his targeted score on his first try. For the applications, Kelsey made sure that my son completed the applications and wrote the essays himself, but kept him on track for the many deadlines and requirements, reviewed his essays, coached him for his interviews and generally helped guide him and keep on top of everything. Kelsey was serious about the work and her expectations of my son while at the same time maintaining a positive outlook and sense of humour. They got a lot accomplished and seemed to have a good time doing so. Over a six month period, once and sometimes twice a week for several hours, my son was always happy to meet with Kelsey. She kept me in the loop as necessary, but really encouraged him to be independent in his communication with the schools. She also coordinated with his high-school guidance counselor and music teacher as necessary to make sure that they supported his applications in a timely manner. I believe she was a large part of my son’s ultimate success in receiving early admission to his top school of choice in the US. Kelsey is an extremely lovely and capable person and an excellent tutor.
— K.K.

“Kelsey is an amazing tutor. Very smart and a great essay writer. Also very friendly. I would highly recommend her!

— J. T.

“Highly recommended.”

I am a second year student majoring in sociology. Kelsey has been a great help in structuring and guiding my essay writing in the proper direction. I highly recommend Kelsey to anyone looking to enhance their academic studies. Kelsey has also been able to accommodate my busy school schedule which is a huge asset. I highly recommend Kelsey for tutoring.

— S.T.

"It's not easy to make grammar interesting. Kelsey did."