I work with people of all ages, from young professionals to seasoned executives, who want to learn a new skill or competency. My specialty is building written and oral communication skills, cultural intelligence and interpersonal proficiency.

Here are some examples of the kinds of clients with whom I work:

  • Eastern European with advanced English required familiarization with North American colloquialisms and cultural norms. Her personalized learning program focused on pronunciation, vocabulary expansion as well as diction and syntax. We emphasized idioms and themes specific to her literary, charitable and social interests.

  • A Taiwanese individual with very little English required language and cultural transition support as she adjusted to her new life in Toronto. I designed a custom strategy that mixed classroom and experiential learning, with excursions to bookstores, restaurants and events that matched her interests. This place-based learning strengthened her basic interpersonal communication system (BICS) and enabled her to scale her confidence and capacity in fun, authentic ways.

  • A business executive wanted to master the Spanish-language basics in an engaging and effective way. I designed a curriculum that combined short formal lessons with immersion in relevant places and spaces where he could immediately apply his learning.

  • An Indian businessman wanted to improve his English-language confidence and ability to converse with ease at high-profile events. His achievement strategy primarily involved reviewing and practicing what strong communication and interpersonal skills look like, subsequently applied at various events where I would accompany, observe, reflect, and report back on his performance. 

  • A Middle Eastern banker needed to improve his communication and interpersonal skills to advance at work, particularly as he'd received feedback that he came across as abrasive to his Canadian counterparts. His learning strategy focused on message definition, audience awareness, diction and tone, as well as building vocabulary and behaviour aligned with Canadian norms and etiquette.

  • A family recently relocated to Toronto from Japan and required intensive language as well as cultural transition support for both parents. I designed learning programs that recognized the level and unique goals of each parent, delivering challenging but fun and productive sessions.

  • A sales executive, fluent in English and one of the top performer’s at his firm because of his natural people skills, held deep insecurities about his writing abilities. We had in-depth reviews about the various elements of the English language and the ways in which they interact to produce strong writing, using his workload and personal projects to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

  • A mid-size marketing firm needed to strengthen its staff's writing skills, particularly in order to facilitate collaborative writing on joint projects for more streamlined processes and cohesive outputs. After analyzing the firm's materials, I developed a full-day, highly interactive workshop to show simple but powerful ways to improve their planning, writing and editing.