Case Study 1

Situation: Grade 12 student required university admissions support. Student had mostly B’s and C’s, with low SAT scores.

Solution: Worked closely with the student to determine which programs and schools were a good fit, developed an authentic and compelling applicant profile. Coordinated admissions process and requirements with parents and school staff, and focused on the supplementary written requirements for each university.

Outcome: received an interview with Harvard; accepted to top choice Canadian schools.

Case Study 2

Situation: Grade 12 IB student required support achieving high marks in final assignments in conjunction with admissions support applying to Canadian, American and British universities.

Solution: provided intensive support on assignments, from receipt of guidelines to submission of final product; developed student’s unique voice for each university application and ensured the student stayed on track with deadlines and requirements for each school.

Outcome: student earned desired IB grades and admission to first choice universities,  accepting an offer from King’s College London.

Case Study 3

Situation: Grade 11 twins required simultaneous ACT prep to gain entrance to their first choice pre-medical programs in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Solution: personalized achievement strategies for each student, delivered on the same time line.

Outcome: both students achieved their goal scores and earned offers of admission to their desired university programs, accepting offers in the U.K.

Case Study 4

Situation: First year university student wanted to switch into a different, more competitive program for second year.

Solution: complete admissions support, from planning the application’s completion to structuring and drafting the personal statements, with special focus on preparing for and recording the applicant's video interview.

Outcome: earned an offer of admission to the top tier business school of his choice.